What Is a Good Thesis Statement for Climate Change

This article helped me not only with a topic, but also with a thesis on climate change. Thank you very much! It`s great that you have examples with the climate change thesis! Can I use them as templates for my thesis? While global warming is expected to raise sea levels and flooding in coastal regions, it has also been credited for changes in weather patterns and extreme drought, according to the EPA. In the dry southwestern United States, for example, average annual temperatures have risen by about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit over the past century, leading to a reduction in snowpack, extreme drought, wildfires, and fierce competition for remaining water supplies. Topic: Is global warming a catastrophe that requires immediate action? Thesis statement: We don`t see CO2. It is an invisible threat, but a very real one. This means an increase in global temperatures, an increase in extreme weather events such as flooding, melting ice and rising sea levels, and an increase in ocean acidity. It seems to me that here are the best essay subjects on climate change!!! Along with sea ice, many of the world`s glaciers are melting due to climate change. Since the 1960s, the U.S. Geological Survey has tracked the mass of two glaciers in Alaska and one in Washington State, all of which have declined significantly over the past 40 years. Their thesis could establish the inverse relationship between these rising surface temperatures and the shrinking of ice cover in the Arctic. The extent of Arctic sea ice in December 2014, for example, was the ninth lowest ever recorded by satellite. The rate of decline for December ice alone is 3.4 percent per decade, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Thanks to our list of thesis topics on climate change and also the topics of global warming, you can choose some of them and use them as topics of your article.

In addition, a thesis on a climate change research paper is essential if you are writing a research paper that explicitly relates to climate change. This is because there is a difference between climate change and global warming. As a student, you may be tasked with writing an argumentative essay on global warming. To conquer this essay, you need a well-detailed but brief thesis on global warming that refers to an argumentative essay. Researchers warn that the problem of global climate change cannot be postponed. We must now react to this element. Irreparable damage to this planet`s ecosystems could be caused in the coming years if no action is taken to help solve this problem of global warming. This problem must now be solved. Students and scientists are often assigned research papers on various topics related to global warming in order to prepare the research work. During this process, a student must write a thesis on global warming in all the articles they cover.

We have listed several global warming research topics that you can choose from when writing your global warming research paper. Thesis statement: We do not see C02. This may be an invisible danger, but somewhat real. This implies an increase in phenomena such as floods, melting global ice, rising sea level acidity and dangerous sea level rise. This thesis revealed to the reader the subject (a kind of sandwich) as well as the appearance of the essay (explaining how a sandwich is made). Climate change doesn`t just affect sea-level rise. Severe weather conditions and droughts have been the consequences of this phenomenon. If you analyze the average annual temperatures in southwestern America, you will notice that they have increased by about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Use your thesis to say what this led to. It has reduced snow cover, caused severe droughts and forest fires.

In your topics on global warming, you can analyze the effects of global warming on agriculture. Topic: How does global warming affect the weather? Thesis statement: Environmentalists say there are increasingly strong weather changes, storm winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, and exceptionally high and unusually low temperatures. According to experts, the cause of these phenomena is global climate change. Your thesis can study the mechanics of ocean acidification as well as the potential economic impact on fisheries that depend on these marine animals to survive. You can also study the potential impact on the ecosystem for predators that feed on these animals. The causes of global warming are complex, including natural and anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide and methane. Use your thesis to highlight the difference between natural and artificial sources. For example, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere increased from 280 parts per million in the 18th century to 390 parts per million in 2010. Human activities release more than 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year, 135 times more than volcanoes.

Focus your thesis on this gap between how man-made carbon dioxide sources, such as fossil fuel consumption, have eclipsed natural sources of gas. I spent 2 days looking for argumentative essay topics on climate change! Thank God I found them!!! Understanding what lies behind global warming is essential to students` research. Consider these questions as advice for choosing a theme on global warming. In this particularly persuasive thesis, you notice that I say my point of view (the best type of sandwich), so I chose an attitude. I declare that my point of view is correct with various essential explanations. This type of persuasive thesis can be used in almost any essay that contains the author`s opinion, for example, as I mentioned earlier, comparing/contrasting articles/essays, narrative essays, etc. Explore other mountain ranges and compare glaciological data. Use your thesis to answer the question of what melting glaciers means for people who depend on icy streams for their freshwater supply. For example, a large part of the Peruvian population depends on Theean glaciers not only for drinking water, but also for hydroelectricity. This is the course where you can really prove yourself, address important issues and prove your point of view.

Of course, you know that the subject of climate is actively discussed today. Environmental protection has become the first item on the agenda. This is a vast topic that can be divided into a variety of topics: global climate, climate change, destruction of layers, greenhouse gas emissions, etc. It`s very cool that I found this paper topic on climate change!! NICE JOB Topic: Why does global warming affect people? Thesis statement: After analyzing the results of research in more than 60 scientific fields, scientists concluded that a change in temperature leads to an increase in aggression. Extensive research has revealed a strong link between aggression epidemics and global warming. A thesis concentrates your thoughts in a few sentences. It presents the subject of your article and comments on your stand in relation to the subject. Your dissertation should inform your reader about the subject of the essay and help guide your writing. .